Cannes 08. 09.

Cannes 08. 09.

Histoires croisées et portraits de personnes réelles rencontrées dans une même rue pendant un mois à cannes sur la croisette.

Cannes 08. 09. , 2010, silkscreen, handmade print Pop-up book, kraft paper,
box 150 x 200 mm, unfolded 1500 x 1200 mm,
12 copies

This two-sided book-object shows portraits and histories of real people I met during one month at the same place on the street along the sea in Cannes ( south of France).

The design of the unfolded book evokes the shape of the street and shows the most memorable meetings ( for exemple : the paranoiac who believed that everybody can read his thoughts, the lebanese grand-father, the fortune teller and his wife…)

There are different readings : a linear reading and a reading you have to compose yourself.


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